by Aaron Kahland

Taking the big three monotheistic religions, the peculiarities of them might be, in part, explained, by historical circumstances.

Judaism – is non-universalist and supremacist. This fits the nationalist / separatist Jewish desire to re-establish a Jewish Kingdom / liberate Jews from foreign domination. Its supremacism was an effective tool to delegitimize occupation.

Christianity – is universalist and non-supremacist. This fits the Roman/Byzantine need for unity amongst disparate peoples to consolidate / protect the empire from external threats. Its universalism was an effective means to pacify barbarian invaders.

Islam – is both universalist and supremacist. This reflects the Arab desire for internal unity needed for expansion / conquest or empire building. Its supremacism was effectively used to encourage expansion.

The religions reflect political necessity.

Yes but why do we need those methods of organizing any longer … why don’t we need rule of law/natural law, monarchy/market govt, and a new church as political necessity?

May 09, 2018 11:12am