Trump isn’t a neocon (expansionist) he’s trying to withdraw into safety, and focus the economy on expansion rather than postwar pacification. That means settling all open disputes (which now include Russia – but the press hasn’t caught onto Russian reduction of military spending and redirection to diversifying the economy), ending Korean conflict and bringing those troops home, and in the middle east, preventing a near monopoly of oil production over there, consequential development of a bourse, and new petro-currency, and the military buildup such an event would permit, and the creation of a wealthy military empire – and instead, he’s doing the obvious that’s been recommended by the generals which is to eliminate any islamic state’s expansionism, preserve egypt, the kingdoms, in the south, israel in the center, and the existing high-violence states in the north. (syria, iraq, iran, pakistan).

The assumption at present is that Turkey and Iran will form power centers, and that Turkey will return to the islamic civilization and leave the european civilization and thereby cease being a ‘torn country’.

The Palestinians have institutionalized rebellion so everyone is waiting them out. And they’re done for the simple reason that israel will eventually fail demographically about the same time that Palestinians are integrated in the region.

So the only remaining problem in this plan is replacing the iranian regime and eliminating it’s nuclear (if not military capacity) and as far as I know, given rates of protest, and the public’s intolerance for more economic suffering due to military expansionism, that’s going to happen.

TRUMP IS DOING WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO IN HIS CAMPAIGN. The only thing he isn’t is whatever he can’t because it’s blocked by congress.