THE POSTMODERN CANON (Really, this is the answer).

1. All that matters in governance is power, and as such all that matters is getting power, and therefore groups must do whatever possible to obtain power by any means.

2. Truth, reason, science, reciprocity, value, are therefore just one means of obtaining power and therefore irrelevant in the pursuit of power, and as such neither truth, nor reason, nor value nor results of the sciences, nor the requirement for reciprocity necessarily serve the interests of obtaining power or not – and therefore intellectual honestly and consistency is both unnecessary and an impediment to obtaining power.

3. The communist, scientific socialist, democratic socialist, and cultural marxist movements having failed in the competition for power given the successes of science, private property, markets, and consumer capitalism, the only means of obtaining power by which to impose a managed economy and equality of outcome, is to change the political value system from economic outcome to social status outcome (‘oppression’).

4. Changing from material improvement and relative material equality to social status equality is to pursue the intuitively desirable but the physically impossible. (just as communism and socialism and life after death were impossible)

5. The optimum means of obtaining power is to fragment the polity into identities, and therefore increase the demand for authoritarian solutions that replace existing market models.