1- Economic opportunity is masking conflict – as it always does. The return of economic limitations restores group conflicts.
2 – Substantial underclass populations still preserving family.
3 – So there is sex pressure but still hope.
4 – And there is marriage retention and still hope.
5 – Unlike the west, they are not wealthy enough to destroy the economic security of the family.
6 – Japan is the … oddity. (Low testosterone in asian men is not a good thing)

In any society where the woman are capable of both single motherhood and middle class (technological) workplace substitution of men, we should see a retreat to serial marriage and excess males. Males are cost to a woman while raising children if they are working.

This same effect won’t occur in populations with IQ’s below 95 (massive underclasses).

And the upper classes will always find greater competitive and status value in dual incomes or high male income with supported females.

Without eugenics either environmental, agrarian, or political, it is very hard to maintain human advancement.