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People vote POWER given the CONDITIONS of competition. That’s why Democracy works for selecting priorities in a homogenous polity but not choosing differences in a heterogeneous polity, and why there is so much friction between American ‘tribes’.

Any time we state an incomplete premise we feed discord by supplying bias confirmation by doing the cherry picking for them.

He (Steve) stated an incomplete premise in order to feed the confirmation bias of a majority faction – not the Truth. (Hence the legal requirement for “The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth”)

What the NYT article referred to conveys is that virtue signaling is a form of conspicuous consumption that one forces others to pay the indirect cost of. (Theft by Fraud)

Or stated directly: we are burning the most valuable form of capital in the world (homogeneity and high trust) for virtue signals, in order to obtain political power.

If you cannot make a statement in social science using economic terms, then either you don’t know what you’re talking about, or you are engaged in selection bias, or worse, deception.

Hence the rise of “Economic Imperialism” in the Academy as a counter to social pseudoscience.