From the Universe to the particles, to elements, to DNA, to every idea in your head formed because it can form, and if it can form, and given enough opportunity, all that is possible to form will eventually become probable to form, and probably and therefore certain to form.

The purpose of intelligence is to defeat time. otherwise there is no value of intelligence.

If there was some divine being he has chosen NOT to defeat time, and therefore eliminated the only reason for intelligence. So why would an intelligent being pick the dumbest possible method requiring zero intelligence with which to create man – or anything.

Ignorance of information is not the same as absence of information. Whether we know something or not is a measure of our ignorance.

Why are so many humans afraid there is no pack-leader?

Why is it that if the most parsimonious example is simply ‘really big numbers and really long times, eventually explore all opportunities for conservation of energy’?

My standard of ‘fully human’ is that of fully transcending the animal.

If you are not fully human then you will find excuses for satisfying the animal impulse just like a dog must circle three times before it lay’s down, or a cat sniff it’s food before it eats – and if it can’t it will starve.

One must transcend the beast to evolve into the human. Once one is fully human one can transcend the body with reason, knowledge, and instrumentation.

The beast, ignorance, and the capture of energy are all that prevent us from being gods.