So cantor’s argument is regressive because it reversed the trend toward historizing math and merging math and science.

And it provided a generation with excuses to restore platonism. And it contributed to the misdirection of philosophy and logic in the 20th century just when we needed the opposite.

So, you know, I am criticizing the tendency of abrahamists to make similar methaphysical fictions and cause damage by externality.

So if you are only concerned with ‘meaning” then cantor’s fictionalism is a suppose a fairy tale that explains pairing-off (one to one correspondence) as a means of testing extremely large sets.

If you are concerned with truth, then cantor is a fictionalist, and is leading to the confusion of generations of minds.

If you are concerned with platonism and abrahamism as the primary means by which western civilization was destroyed in the ancient and modern worlds, then Cantor like Marx, Freud, Boaz, and Adorno is a half-liar undermining the very secret of western civilization: words are sacred, promise is sacred, and by creating moral hazards with language all the ‘liars’ contributed to the catastrophe of the present.