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—“The brains of more intelligent individuals are interconnected to a lesser extent, having less dendrites at command in the cerebral cortex. “—

1) I suspect it’s just the physics of the neural economy: breadth neural searches are cheaper and faster with lower returns on recursion than depth searches with higher recursion. In general, minor variations in neural organization should produce large variations in cognition.
2) Fast, wide, and synthetic vs slow, deep, and analytic.
3) Feelings (emotions) are of high value in synthetic searches, and approach zero value in analytic searches.
4) Modeling AI using emotions as gauges of change in the state of ‘assets’ taught me a great deal.
5) Produces extraordinary precision by the intersection just a few variables.
6) It’s dehumanizing to some degree, but it’s so obvious its painful.
7) Thanks for the great tweet (as always your feed rocks.) 😉

May 15, 2018 9:37am