Dear idiots. You don’t get to choose a personal philosophy that isn’t bound by a political philosophy agreed to by others – and still survive competition in that polity. Just as groups don’t get to choose a political philosophy that can’t survive the market for territories. It doesn’t matter what you alone think or want. A personal philosophy is, almost without exception, either a means of succeeding within a political philosophy, or a means of escapism from a political philosophy one is bound by. Further, one can create personal fantasies of escapism; personal philosophies of resistance; personal philosophies of navigation (survival); and of success (competition), and of excellence (heroism). A political philosophy ( meaning a social, economic, political, and military order) empowers enough of the people such that the group survives competition. Political philosophies change when a group either surrenders to competition (multiculturalism), resists competition, or seeks an opportunity for superior competition. But the individual is only as useful and only possesses so much choice, as his philosophy serves the interests of the body politic in the persistence of their group strategy ( what we call ‘philosophy’). So one either assists, is dead weight, or is a drag on the group’s strategy. And by and large, within the margins, one’s success is determined by the relationship one chooses wth the groups strategy. The only choice is creating a large enough group with an new enough strategy that one can disrupt the order and replace it with one that serves the same interests in the new order. In the case of the current order, we have let the evil people go too far in undermining the ‘Third Way’ provided by America in contrast to the other underclass and authoritarian civilizations. We were foolishly optimistic christians, and not empirical Aryans. As such it is very unlikely that without vast bloodshed, we will exit the next crisis with the entire continent. But we will exit the next crisis with self determination. They will decay from demographic weight alone. There is nothing they can do.