by Pat Ryan

Neurons don’t have a complete nucleus. Evolution has determined that letting neurons go through mitosis is a terrible idea and when you think about it, that makes sense.

If I can just conjure up a huge amount of neurons to process all of the information the universe can generate, I will quickly run myself out of glucose and oxygen to the point of death.

So… any organism that went down the road of mitosis scale died for those reasons and only neurons that were denied access to mitosis persisted.

That means a fundamental disconnect between genetic cognition and neural cognition: Genetics operates on exponential scales to match inputs, but neurons operate by intentionally limiting inputs. You just can’t see every photon a light bulb generates or you’re going to literally die very quickly.

Therefore, what you see about reality is the direct byproduct of this lack of scale-driven neural mitosis. This is the root mechanism responsible for “awareness” and is the core part of all evolution of intelligence.

The alternative is a slime mold, which DOES go through mitosis and operates somewhat like a colony of neurons.. but it cannot get beyond that state because there is no pressure to manage established connections when you can just always grow outward to solve your problems.

Locationists can suck it! Entropy is the only way!