So apparently my favorite sociopath is upset that I’m referring to him as my favorite sociopath. I mean, he’s indeed my favorite sociopath. Not that, you know, I know any others. So, it’s not like I have a lot of sociopaths to choose from.

You know, there is room for religion, especially for the disaffected that need it. There is room for occult for the broken who need it. There is room for literary utopias for the weak that needed. There is room for propaganda for the insecure that need it.

Men form tribes. It’s in our nature. We want as little difference between ourselves and our leaders as possible.

But not all men will find truth is enough for them.

Why? Because the Truth has no mercy for the self that lacks agency. And the weak of mind, of emotion, of intelligence, and of body are

The question is, can those so weak that they cannot bear the Truth rule? It’s not whether they can fight. Sure they can fight. So can a dog. We can train any domesticated animal to fight.

It’s whether they can rule. Whether they can be trusted. Whether you want a faction of the weak to deal with after you succeed. And most importantly, whether you want a faction that the vastness of humanity justifiably hates, providing an excuse for resistance.

It is one thing to restore our faith in our superiority, our ancestral values: Excellence, Truth, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Markets, and the Domestication of the Animal Man, and our Transcendence into the gods we imagine.

The reason being that in the end result it will not only achieve those values but will produce a better more prosperous and rewarding order for all humanity.

It is another thing to think hate, a network of justificationary excuses, ritualized superstition, or fantasy literature is the solution to anything other than perpetual little echo-chamber tribes ginning up the courage to talk with one another but providing no solution by which millions, tens of millions, or even billions can rally.

Excellence, Truth, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Markets, The domestication of the animal man, requires nothing other than the natural law of reciprocity, nations that can customize their commons to the needs of their members, houses for the classes for the production of commons, an independent judiciary, and an intergenerational hereditary monarchy as a judge of last resort.

There is nothing but love for mankind in reciprocity, and an intolerance for free riding, parasitism, predation upon others.

Let a thousand nations bloom.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev Ukraine.