–“I’m tickled to death that the guy with the BA is attempting to talk down about intellect to the person with the Doctorate.”— Sloan Henry

Um. Let me help you sweetie.

1) People like me don’t ask permission for a degree. We go out into the world and ACHIEVE independent of permission. Most of us drop out of university because it’s just a waste of time if you can DO the competitive, rather than get a degree so that you beg someone to LET you do the trivial. Especially in my generation (Gates,Jobs,Ellison). Those of us with superior ability DEMONSTRATE ability. We don’t ask for certification without demonstration of ability. We DO. That’s why Ive been on the Inc 500 a couple of times and you haven’t. Thats why I built multiple successful companies and you didn’t. That’s why I can generate an innovation in human thought – and you use marxist/feminist/post-modern ‘critique’.

2) Every PhD program I’ve looked into has told me the same thing “There is no value in a PhD for you. A PhD won’t help you. Just write and publish. Besides, there is no way to put a dissertation committee together across that many fields here.” (Note: I had enough money to pay for it, and just treat the PhD period as my “Hermitage”. The truth is I’m extremely disruptive intellectually in any such environment and I always have been.)

3) What is your doctorate in? I mean, anyone can ‘do time’ in the American educational system and get a doctorate outside of the STEM fields. It’s not like Germany or even Oxford for that matter. You just pay for a degree in the states, you don’t have to earn it. So you are equating paying for a piece of paper and a failure to accomplish anything with a person who built multiple companies by the time I was your age. From nothing. Without having a cent of my own.

4) You can’t construct an argument without resorting to Post-Modern / Feminist critique to save your soul. That’s evidence. If you could evidence skill that’d be one thing. But you can’t. Just Critique. So I mean, evidence of ability is evidence. So far you haven’t got any other than serial sexual, social, economic, and intellectual dysfunctionality. I mean. Really.

I try not to stomp on the bunnies unless they waste my time. But some bunnies waste my time. And it does take some time and effort to stomp on the bunnies now and then, but like all contributions to the moral commons it’s an act of altruistic punishment: expensive but required of all of us in order to preserve the incentive for truthful, reciprocal, cooperation.

May 19, 2018 10:21am

—“tl;dr”— Sloan Henry

I understand. It’s an IQ thing: you just lack it. Hence the fascination with fantasy moral literature, use of straw manning, ridicule, trolling, gossiping, (Critique), and collecting a ‘tribe’ of dysfunctionals (low sexual, social, economic, and political market value). All of whom are desperately seeking fellow dysfunctionals (undesirables), with whom to form a cult of illusionary narrative in which to find some status signaling.

The “Undesirable” will always have a problem of a conflict of self image and inability to compete sexually, socially, economically, politically, and militarily, in reality. So this is why you need the use of Critique and the FIctionalisms, whereas those of us with high market value and high ability to compete choose truth, testimony, warranty, and science: precisely because correspondence with reality is utilitarian.

The precision of my work is terrifying to the inadequate mind, and that’s why it’s a high investment program – just like the law which it mirrors. The problem is that, like the opposites (Heidegger, Hegel) the minimum terminology necessary to even begin to use it is just too much of an investment and too frustrating for the less able.

May 19, 2018 9:56am