Love women. Do not debate women.

Never debate women over preference or good, only possible or impossible. Women cannot tolerate refutation of their emotions. This is what deprives them of agency. They cannot tolerate being at fault in the minds of others – only when they fault themselves. Women’s “Intuitions (impulses)” are almost unbearable, and without training (Stoicism, Buddhism, Religion) they cannot cope with them, and if they can cope with them, they cannot still cope with the confusion created by the inability to trust those emotions and continuously fight them with reason. So this is the origin feminism, the success of postmodernism, and the female affinity for socialism and marxism, and female interest in literary rather than scientific thought: They are constantly seeking excuses not to discipline their impulses. Men must constantly suppress ours or danger will result in the near term. The problem is that if we don’t suppress women’s danger results in the long term.

Every woman is pandora, and we are the guardians of the box.