1) Moral Objectivity = Reciprocity:Natural Law(of Tort) independent of individual or group opinion.
2) Moral Norms = Portfolios of rights and duties resulting in reciprocity within the group survival strategy.
3) Moral Bias = Expression of gender and class reproductive strategy.

The problem is that we all want to ‘lie a bit’ and promote our individual strategy over the Group’s and the Groups over Evolutionary Necessity: Mankind.

And that constitution survived until the war of northern aggression by which the industrialized north conquered the south because the west would have allied with the south and left the north a weak competitor to Europe, dominated by the agrarian aristocratic south.

The constitution was the first written attempt to formally capture The Natural Law of Reciprocity as the means of decidability in political order: They invented The Third Way: Middle Class Market Meritocracy vs Upper/Martial, or Lower/Religious monopoly.

May 20, 2018 9:48pm