(only if it is demarcated from therapy)

—“Do you think there can be any valid or empirical discipline called “psychology”?”—-Gearóid Walsh

Great Question.

At present I undrestand psychology (as a science) as the study of cognitive biases and limits, in the perception and cognition of information.

At present I understand it is possible to integrate what we call psychology into the rest of the sciences using Acquisitionism which removes the authoritarian, monopoly, conformist, and feminine bias of pseudoscientific psychology from the discipline, producing a value neutral language of self interest. (Just as I see Propertarianism replacing social science and therefore integrating it fully into the rest of the sciences.) Acquisitionism is far more explanatory and fruitful than ‘conformity’ to an arbitrary norm.

I do not see psychology holding only dominion over therapy (counseling, self help). I see that as the responsibility of stoicism (self authoring). And that such a field will make use of ‘reformed’ psychology.