—“Curt what do you make of high IQ white male New Englanders voting blue? I’ve heard you argue it’s signaling for status but is it reducible entirely to that?”—Tim Spillane

It’s actually pretty simple:

Connecticut: Yale, Trinity, Wesleyan, Fairfield County (Essentially Long island in ct), dead-manufacturing( old GM, current United Technologies.) Irish, Italian, puerto rican.

Massachusetts: Harvard, MIT, Boston College (Women outnumber men in Boston 5 to 7. Irish Catholic, Italian, / Unions.

New York: Columbia, NYU, Arts, Advertising, Marketing, (Women outnumber men).

IN GENERAL: Puritanical Value System = Virtue Signaling.

Vermont is French Catholic – french immigrants were ALL underclass, while British immigrants were biased middle class. Which is the causal relationship between protestantism and catholicism.
May 23, 2018 11:49am