—“I am somewhat curious as to why you blocked me from your timeline. …… You do come across as an intellectual, being an educated philosopher, I am just very surprised that an intellectual would have such a disdain for a fluid free flow of dialogue even if it does come from a position that might make some of your followers feel moderately uncomfortable. The greatest ideas of the intellectual heros throughout history were allowed to flourish due to at least somewhat of a tolerance towards dissenting views and novel ideas.”— Banned Pilpul Practitioner.

It’s because (a) sarcasm, (b) pilpul. Specialize in truth, within truth in grammars, with grammars of the art of lying.

Now you were raised in the culture that (a) invented poly moralism, (b) never succeeded at developing agrarian ethics, and (c) practiced pillpul to employ those polymoral ethics.

But your method of argument (pilpul) is just as recognizable to me (and my followers) as is christian or muslim argument.

So it’s simply that as a practitioner and teacher of truthful speech, I practiced what I teach, and that is, the punishment and suppression of ‘lying’, by the use of pilpul.

It’s not complicated. You may not even be aware that you’re lying you just equate that form of lying with ‘reasonableness’. But I know (and we know) better: it’s an attempt to advertise ingroup morality while practicing ougroup immorality.

I don’t support ‘free speech’ at all. I only support free ‘truthful speech’. And I expose and ostracize the rest.