Restoration of Truth, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, and Markets in Everything, ends Abrahamism (Pilpul, Justificationism, Platonism) and all the Abrahamic religions and eliminates the Abrahamic Dark Age. It also eliminates Marxism, Boasianism, Freudianism, Frankfurt school Fictionalism and Postmodernism – which together constitute the second attempt at an Abrahamic Dark Age. And with it the fantasy of the aristocracy of everyone (monopoly) – restoring Tripartism (markets between the classes).

The question is only how to we replace the supernatural lies (Abrahamic Dark Age One), and the pseudoscientific and pseudo-rational lies (Abrahamic Dark Age Two) with Truths: Man, Nature, Transcendence, Truth, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, and Markets in Everything. And the answer is pretty simple: the truth is enough. our history is itself so wondrous and our defeat of time, ignorance, and abrahamism(deceit) so profound, that there is nothing superior to be thankful for than nature and our ancestors and heroes. History as Mythology. The oath as oath. Remembrance as Ritual and Sacrifice, and Festival as Feast and celebration.

We are the gods we once worshipped. And we have our ancestors, nature, and the universe to thank.

May 24, 2018 10:51am