I don’t believe in equality (monopoly) of men, or monopoly religion, or monopoly government, or the strategy of the herd (monopoly). Just the opposite.

We all need a ‘cult’ but that cult needn’t be one of semitic evil, and we certainly have our original cult (germanic-greco-roman) to retunr to as well as our real heroes. Myth, oath, ritual, festival, gathering place. That’s what makes a cult. That’s what provides the ‘programming’. THere are many ways of doing it. And there is no evidence our way is good. Just the opposite. It’s bad. and judaism and islam are worse, and so is hinduism and buddhism. We had it right. Why we keep fucking it up is something we can explain now. But hero-ancestor-nature worship(appreciation/thankfulness) and stoicism (self-authoring in the virtues that produces mindfulness), and celebration of the seasons and cycles of life appears to be better than ‘all the lies’ of abrahamism.