It’s just a fact that the ‘wisdom literature’ of each civilization (a) relies upon the grammar, (b) relies upon the argumentative methodology of the law, (c) relies upon the mythos.

This is inescapable.

There is a reason jews appropriated Babylonian history, and integrated greek idealism to create Pilpul (justificationism in theology that relies upon the same techniques as justification in astrology and numerology) … and predictably enough, the same argument you are making (critique – the via-negativa of pilpul’s via-positiva).

Just as there is a reason Confucius couldn’t solve the problem of politics an the chinese speak in contrasts (riddles).

Just as there is a reason westerners speak in law, evidence, and testimony.

The ‘Axial Age’ anchored us all.

May 24, 2018 2:01pm