—Why did we lose?—Justus Bryce

Because the left beat us to a pseudoscientific pseudorational religion faster than we reformed our existing religion. The church had more malincentives. It had built a bigger network of lies. It could not work its way out of those lies.

Marxism/Feminism/Postmodernism is a secular religion that defeated supernatural religion. They abandoned the church, took over the academy, and replaced the church with the academy.

And they did it with pseudoscience – the counter-enlightenment against Maxwell, Menger, Darwin, Pareto/Weber/Durkheim, Spencer, Nietzsche, Vagner and the Romantics.

That’s why we lost.

They out-invented us.

How do we out invent them?

Truth. Intolerant truth. Extremely intolerant truth.

We have plenty to be thankful for that is true.

May 24, 2018 9:08am