“I don’t daydream, I do.”
“I don’t seek experiences but results.”
“I don’t seek like minds, but like doers.”
“I don’t seek shared values, but shared incentives and goals.”
“I don’t seek pleasure in what I do, I seek profitability which in turn allows me to choose among possible pleasures.”
“I don’t seek to follow a plan to a goal, but seek and exploit opportunities discovered in pursuit of goals.”
“I don’t seek motivation, I have motivation for the simple reasons of search for novelty and search for competition. If you need motivation you are not suited for leadership.”
“I don’t seek to lead, only to perform functions that need performing, when no one better is at hand.”

Just as between women and men, women are more dependent upon intuition and men more on reason, some men are likewise dependent upon intuition and some on reason, and some on experience and some on results, and some on fantasy and some on reality.

The people who attain, function in, and remain in power positions work harder, work longer, create more relationships, process more information, and calculate more empirically, with fewer anchors to intuition. than their competitors.

There is a sort of mental and masculine weakness in the Right that is evident in all right wing thought back to Burke, and before him, throughout the philosophers and theologians, all the way back to plato.

The best example of these in modernity are Nietzsche( heroic nonsense) , Kirk (romantic nonsense), Evola (occult nonsense), Where the can be contrasted by Machiavelli, Smith, Hayek, and most recently Pat Buchanan.

Now, just as we see the female solipsistic to male autistic spectrum. We see the Fantatisizer <—– observer —– participant —-> Doer spectrum. And careful analysis will show that it’s an introvert (fantasizer) <—-> Extrovert(Doer) spectrum.

Some people go from books to searching for problems. Some people from real problems to books. Likewise some people learn for entertainment, and some people learn in furtherance of action. Likewise some people think and act to avoid cooperation with groups, and some people think and act to create organization of groups. Likewise some people seek to act on their terms, while other people act to take advantage of other’s terms.

I view the ‘esoteric, occult, literary’ wing of conservatism, man-child aesthetics. Some of us do, others of us follow doers, and others watch doers and followers, and others dream of doing, following, and watching.

So that is the class of conservatives: doers searching for tools with which to act, to dreamers searching for fantasies they never can or must act on.

There is a class of conservatives who favor the occult, which is an escape from conformity (learning others).

There is a class of conservatives who favor the theological (which is to some degree social but conformity is enforced by the theology).

There is a class of conservatives who favor literature, which is a proxy for learning from others – usually a substitute for limited personal contacts.

There is a class of conservatives who act politically and argumentatively on ‘getting things done’ and ‘enacting change’ by ‘possible means’.

All this spectrum describes is social immaturity and undesirability to social maturity and desirability.

So when someone says his preferred method of understanding conservatism he is telling you a great deal about his desirability as a cooperative actor.

May 28, 2018 4:49pm