As in all things: men overestimate their knowledge and ability prior to performing sufficient research in the specialty such that they are not engaging in dunning kruger overestimation of their abilities.

I have no idea why men think they know such things from personal experience, or the mainstream narrative.

Economics are simple. Generals are simple. Destroy what people dpend upon for predictabiliyt and chaos is the only possible result.

My job, and the job of others, over the next year, is to help men envision what winning a civil war will look like in the current era.

And it will NOT look like those revolutions of the Westphalian era. We have ended Westphalian constraints, and we’ve ended the era of millions in the streets, and we’ve ended the enlightenment experiment in an aristocracy of everyone.

No one is going to put your pants on for you. You either fight or you talk, or you cower, or you’re the enemy.
May 29, 2018 10:51am