(leave escapism for women. they have an excuse. men don’t.)

I think most young men lack agency, and that we all evolve from impulsive to imitative, to intuitionistic to calculative as we move from searching for strategy, retreat, for opportunities, consolidating capital, and managing our assets.

I think that stating man has universals rather than stages is the result of youthfulness (ignorance).

I think the state indoctrination program seeks to create obedience to free expression without explication of the limits of that value.

I think that seeking universals is an appeal for numbers (allies) to compensate for lack of agency.

I think that individualism and atomism is why men seek these things since men only possess agency in groups.

I think it is possible to produce agency and eliminate escapism in all its forms by producing groups and agency, by design (as we did in the past).

(BTW: I was trying to explain the draw of the ‘almost religious’ and ‘religious’ methods of emotional inspiration as substitution for pursuit of existential opportunity. It’s not about individuals but that individuals are easily seduced by false promises.)

May 31, 2018 8:03pm