Bill Joslin

A model for this could be described as concentric rings of influence, centering on the individual and radiating out into the commons based on which domain one acts as judge-of-last-resort.

Am I judge-of-last-resort for my mind (clarity of intention)
Am I judge-of-last-resort for my body (voluntary intentional action)
Am I judge-of-last-resort for my household (do I direct my domestic life)
Am I judge-of-last-resort for my livelihood (do I direct my means of survival)
Am I judge-of-last-resort which secures (ensures) my property-en-toto
Am I judge-of-last-resort in the intergenerational shared commons (do I direct my place in history)

For each of those questions, if there is another person to which you are beholden then the answer is no.

Everyman a king of his household
Everyman a rifleman
Everyman a sheriff
Everyman a judge
….in opportunity only, secured by demonstrations of ability.

Cult of non-submission – cultivation of autonomy