Voluntary Association and Disassociation Must be Restored (its loss was a product of the unconstitutional 14th amendment).

It is one thing to deny human beings commodities, water, and air. It is another thing altogether to force someone to engage in craftsmanship of any kind whatsoever.

Ergo, if you package flour for distribution that’s one thing. If you make custom cakes thats something else.

That is what separates a MARKET (production), from TRADE (craft).

Unfortunately that is not (currently) recognized in the constitution, because it’s ASSUMED by the authors of it. The idea that we would be compelled to serve people against our will would have been an anathema.

Secondly, it is one thing to fail to serve someone needs regardless of their biology, and another to choose not to serve someone for their beliefs, preferences, or choices, or behaviors due to that biology.

Gasoline is a commodity produced for a market.
Wheat is a commodity produced for a market.
A box of corn flakes is a commodity produced for a market.
All Markets are Produced by Commons.

Cooking you a meal is a personal service. (trade)
Making you a cake is a personal service (trade).
Driving you from point a to point b is a service (trade).

Direct and personal, vs indirect and impersonal.