Sovereignty in fact – because a group has enough capacity for violence to produce sovereignty over the will or ability of any and all competitors.

Liberty by request – because a group does not have enough capacity for violence to produce sovereignty, but can purchase liberty with fees (taxes).

Freedom by permission – because an individual has too little violence to produce sovereignty, and too little violence to request liberty, but can purchase freedom through non-interference and payment of fees (taxes).

Sovereignty is produced as a commons(Polity/Executive).
Liberty is produced as a commons(Business/Managerial).
Freedom is given to produce commons (Trades/Labor).
Serfdom is imposed to produce commons at cost(Labor).
Slavery is imposed to produce commons at high cost(labor).

Whether one demonstrates a condition of Sovereignty(Aristocracy: Polity/Territory), Liberty(Citizen : capital), or freedom (Freeman: body), the production of such must be constructed top down: from commons to degree of property ownership (responsibility) since while it is most productive to have the greatest distribution of property, it is also most productive to limit the distribution of property to those who produce commons.

Since productivity determines the ability for a polity to compete for sovereignty and territory the distribution of property therefore productivity and responsibility is determined by competitive necessity versus the abilities of the population.

Hence the need for growth to defeat the red queen of technology and productivity, against men, and to defeat the red queen of evolution (or devolution, or extinction).