(Literally, the one ‘true’ religion?)

—“Propertarianism and Testimonialism are made up religions.”— Joseph Kane

Um…. Testiness aside… You might argue that putting the Natural Law of reciprocity of Sovereign Men above all other considerations is just science, or you might say that choosing that science is equivalent to a religion. I wouldn’t disagree with you too much if you cast it as a religion.

– It provides an ultimate goal (transcendence),
– It provides a group evolutionary strategy (rapid adaptations through markets),
– It provides a moral ethical, and legal code (reciprocity),
– It puts limits on the actions of government,
– it requires a continuously born cost of truth telling, an oath, and the ritual of oath taking, the practice of military rituals and feasts.
– And for the western people, our history provides a non-false mythos of continuous success at the transformation of self and man into gods.

So as such *it would be one one true religion* for the simple reason that it would be the one religion without falsehood.

The Cult of The Law is the Religion of Men As Gods.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.