(offensive argument warning)

(excerpt from section 6 “Gloom and Doom”…)

—“But while the purpose of Abrahamism has always been to subvert society from the inside, undermining the aristocratic class with guilt and bad conscience while stirring up the underclasses, the strategy of Yoga and Buddhism has been different.

The minority Hindu upper caste created a religion of submission for the teeming masses of India, the perfect factory of docile and indolent subjects. To the ever new warlike invaders the traditional system of rule in India, wrapped in the language of resignation and pre-emptive defeat, was the perfect tool of domination and in exchange the native ‘spiritual elite’ of the country managed to preserve their highly inflated social status.

That is why India, while a deeply feminine civilization unable to maintain territory or develop technological civilization, and easily and repeatedly dominated by foreign elites, has maintained the same system of rule effectively forever.

We may now compare the group survival strategies of India (I) and the West (W) and the results they produce:

– Genetic homogeneity producing trust /W) vs Genetic heterogeneity producing mistrust (I)
– Maximization of agency through self-improvement (W) vs Despondency and escapism (I)
– Sovereignty/dominance (W) vs Servitude/submission (I)
– Heroism (W) vs Buddha’s begging bowl (I)
– Market rule (W) vs Arbitrary rule (I)
– Truth of speech and science (W) vs Magic, obscurantism and fictionalism (I)
– Reciprocity (W) vs Deceit (I)

And as a consequence: wealth, health, knowledge, innovation and progress (W) vs poverty, sickness, ignorance and stasis or regress (I).”—