NATIONALISM (Markets)(Packs)(Male Strategy)(K): (Self Preservation, Self Evolution.)
Physical separation of a people of common kinship, norms, traditions, values, and mythos by geographic boundary, and the creation of institutions that maximize the commons for their competitive and evolutionary benefit.

Physical Separation by geographic boundary and the creation of new institutions of cooperation.

SEPARATISM (Parasitism)
The practice of creating a culture within a host culture, and non-integration with the host culture, in particular, different religions, traditions, values, and especially ethics and laws.

DIVERSITY (Bottom-Up Colonization)
Conquest of a host society by incremental colonization of demographics, territory, norms, traditions, values, ethics, laws, and finally institutions.

COLONIZATION (Top Down Colonization)
Conquest of a territory, society, and population by the imposition of institutions, laws, ethics, values, traditions, and norms

GLOBALISM (Monopoly)(Herds)(Female Strategy)(r): (Conquest, Devolution)
The destruction of kinship and kin groups, self determination, self defense, self evolution through Colonization of norms, traditions, values, myths, Institutions, and geographic boundaries.