Aug 06, 2017 1:51pm
by Bill Joslin

—“Curt equates a lack of due diligence to vet ones ideas against error, bias, self deception, overloading etc as lying. Any primacy of consciousness or theism stands as arguing for a preference opposed to arguing a point in the commons.

Theism and primacy of-conciousness are not verifiable in the commons – to proceed with them you must accept these premises.

***When we verify via our best empirical methods, our arguments gain credibility from reality. When we assert based on a priorisms which can not be found in reality we use logic to “steal credibility from reality” – we assert it as reality without consulting reality- a transfer of credibility from existence in reality, to the interpretive framework.***

If an argument holds arbitrary assertions we can dismiss it off-hand. (If asserted without evidence it can be dismissed without evidence)”—