—“Curt does your book include a new constitution, or is that a separate project? (With recent political events, leftists intensifying harassment, etc, I’m thinking we might need one sooner rather than later.)”—John Mark 

Last summer I had to break the book apart because it was too big. And so I have two books, one shorter that is targeted to reforming libertarianism, and one much much longer targeted to revolution and constitution.

The first and shorter book is more technical, and the longer book more explanatory.

The other reason being that I had to burn a long time on the Grammars and I felt that I could now get the shorter book out ‘shortly’ and then take the technical component and move it into the larger book.

This means that the two books have similar technical content, but the larger book ignores ‘temporal’ issues (liberty, freedom, libertarianism), and contains entirely the new law.

What I *can* say is that I have definitely gotten to the point where I can explain everything to a freshman college student. Which I never thought would happen. Whether the book is as understandable as I can manage in a class environment I’m not sure.

And there is a certain virtue to timing. The Overton window for revolution has to be open to get maximum effect. Although we are certainly getting there as I expected…

The clock ticks,
the world turns,
the window opens,
anger burns.