I studied art and art history. I think, out of the whole college, four of us were hetero. We were the minority. Most of the men were gay. Studying art is great way to catch the best girls. Artsy girls are the best by far ’cause they embrace the feminine rather than fight it, and tend to be more sensual.

My first business was in the commercial art supply biz when it was still a manual craft. Straight men still dominated that field and still do but the clerical and middle labor was heavily gay.

So maybe it’s my background, but I don’t agree with anti-homosexual bias. While I definitely have a disgust response to non-hetero public displays of affection, and I certainly don’t want to be ‘hit on’ – it makes me furious – I know this is a genetic response on my part to protect the tribe.

But my experience is (and I bet the data shows) that at least homosexual males seem to produce fantastic externalities for both male and female hetero society. It has always been a practice of mine to find gay men to help with clothing choices, decorating ideas, understanding the people in the work place, negotiate with women, and in general facilitate relationships. Yes I have had some issues with PDA that customers have made issues out of (making out a stairway at a customer site).

I don’t think sex is a public matter, and I don’t think any reference to sex outside of familial reproduction belongs in the commons, but as far as I know, while it’s a birth defect, it is not in fact bad unless – like any sexual behavior (non-imposition of aesthetic differences) – it is evident in the commons.

So I view gender issues as a matter of manners in the commons and little else.

You now, I loved having hippies, pot heads, the dead heads, metal heads, biker groups, yuppies, artsies, jocks, prissies, and all the other signal groups. But I loved them when we were all the same – families – other than signal groups.

The problem is we are now speciating because we can afford to speciate, because we can afford to SORT, and through mobility and sortition specialize.

This is a good thing as long as we create governments for each group that is speciating, becasue governments create the commons necessary to support the interests of those who are speciating.

The problem is the fallacy of “WE”. There is no longer a ‘WE’, becuase we are not enough the same as we were until 1960 when the left decided to achieve through third world immigration what they could not achieve by their ideas.

A libertarian does not want to govern others. He or she only wants to remain ungoverned by others. However, we differ in the commons we demand. And as such we differ in the polities we must produce.

SO the only solution is Revolution, Secession, Sortition, Prosperity, and Speciation.

You see, it’s pretty obvious given the genetic record that we were in the process of speciating by region. Farming changed that. At present, farming is over, and speciation can continue becasue we can afford to this time, not because it was necessary as in prior eras.