Men develop mindfulness because we are dangerous to ourselves, each other, and others. If men do not have mindfulness they have not engaged in sufficient competitive play with other men. once men have mindfulness they can be taught.

Women can be taught as well, but they must be taught mindfulness first, and the only way I know how to do that is stoicism (self authoring). Every other technique only makes them worse. Instead of being angry or frustrated acknowledge that women’s lack of agency is necessary for the raising of children among competing females under the jurisdiction of competing males.

I learned in eastern europe that the problem is solved by giving women the permission always and everywhere to ‘be women’, but not giving women permission to tread in the male domain – business, politics, and war.

All women must have the right to ‘have and express emotions’. And to let them pass. But they must never treat them seriously when the topic is serious.

We are men.

Let women be women. Let me be men.

We are both happier for it.

Reciprocity in everything.