Stoicism consists of disciplined self authoring.
The purpose of stoicism is to teach mindfulness.
Not escapist mindfulness, but actionable mindfulness.
Not fantasy mindfulness, but actionable mindfulness.
Not victim mindfulness but actionable mindfulness.
Enumerate a number of virtues (these are open to debate)
Write a plan for your life that includes achievements and virtues.
Every day plan your day. Every night review your progress.
Repeat this process until you do it by nature.
The purpose is to insulate you from opinions, influences, and manipulations of others, while gradually achieving your ends, without falling into manipulation, influence, and opining others.
That’s it.
That’s all there is to it.
The rest is just a romance novel we wrap around that discipline.
It’s the best method we know of so far, with buddhism a far distant, and escapist, second.