1) Mindfulness as I use it, in the stoic tradition, refers to mental fitness: acquiring virtues (quality human goods) that improve us as social creatures, rather than impulsive goods, or things (cheap animal goods): Insulation from emotional bads: impulse, envy, fear.

2) We are subject to an ever increasing stream of opportunities. And unlike those of the past, where many conditions could cause us stress of deprivation, today’s opportunities cause us stress of choice. So we solve both problems past and present by self authoring virtues….

3) … I can’t do much in tweets, but it’s just the process of mentally disciplining yourself so that animal impulses with which we were born are rationally reacted to rather than impulsively reacted to, and then actions and reactions taken and made according to our virtues (goals).

4) … Mental discipline can be created by any number of methods: prayer, meditation, ritual, sport, but other than self-authoring, each has tragic consequences. The virtue of stoic discipline is that it asks us to act to obtain our goals, and to be free of manipulation by others, and manipulation by our animal impulses, such that we divert the least effort to that which is not relevant to achieving our goals.

5) … And stoic discipline is superior to others particularly because it provides us with defense against abrahamism in all its forms.