Argument. I say, well, we know when the concept of good vs evil was invented – to separate the Iranians from the indians. I mean, Nietzche wrote about this, historians have written about it, and Karen Armstrong’s Great Transformation both touches on it and gives citations.

Woman – how can that be? Who says? Prove it! I’m like… um. You know do you have a counter argument? Do you have anything other than emotive opinion?

Another one (woman, lawyer) says “we are poorer than in 1960”, and me and another guy say… “um.. omg no. is astounding how much wealthier we are. I mean, even since 1980” We give purchasing power examples. She gives us disbelief.

WTF am I supposed to do with normies…..

We need to end democracy right away. These f-king people are terrible.