The problem is we are now speciating because we can afford to speciate, because we can afford to SORT, and through mobility and sortition specialize.

This is a good thing as long as we create governments for each group that is speciating, becasue governments create the commons necessary to support the interests of those who are speciating.

The problem is the fallacy of “WE”. There is no longer a ‘WE’, becuase we are not enough the same as we were until 1960 when the left decided to achieve through third world immigration what they could not achieve by their ideas.

A libertarian does not want to govern others. He or she only wants to remain ungoverned by others. However, we differ in the commons we demand. And as such we differ in the polities we must produce.

SO the only solution is Revolution, Secession, Sortition, Prosperity, and Speciation.

You see, it’s pretty obvious given the genetic record that we were in the process of speciating by region. Farming changed that. At present, farming is over, and speciation can continue becasue we can afford to this time, not because it was necessary as in prior eras.