—“Do you ever worry that you’re making enemies out of people not worth making enemies out of? Don’t you think there are bigger fish to fry than the largely apathetic Christians in the world today?”–Collin Turney 

I worry about what is true, since what is true is the reason for our group evolutionary success. If something is not true, I do not make exceptions, because i fail the test of reciprocity with those who also engage in comforting falsehoods (the left).

There is a cost of sovereignty, liberty, freedom, and prosperity. It is intolerance for falsehood. Even the falsehoods we cherish.

—“That doesn’t answer my question. Don’t you think there are bigger fish to fry? You’ve been frying this fish for how long?I’m not so sure your return on investment is too good, in that you have most likely lost many good potential students who realistically would be on board with most of what you say…It doesn’t seem like good optics if you’re trying to gain a following.”—Collin Turney

There are very few readers of the WSJ. But they are the only readers that matter. There are many readers of all other media.. But they don’t matter.

The kind of people that follow falsehoods are not the kind of people that matter. What matters is the people who can enforce a constitution of natural law.

I don’t appeal to the gutter.

—“The point is to shift the Overton window, not to ignore it.”—Collin Turney

That’s someone else’s problem. My problem is how to govern once we have power. That’s a problem no one else as solved.

In fact. I don’t see anyone doing anything meaningful. And that all progress is being achieved by nothing more than demographics and the duration of frustration by both sides.