Decidability and mindfulness are market goods. We require these goods to compensate for a complex unpredictiable (kaleidic) world.

Unfortunately, supernaturals (liars) have produced a MONOPOLY without a market where naturals (the west) produce a competitive market.

It’s hard for people who’ve been indoctrinated into supernaturalism to imagine a world where they are regarded as children (as the chinese view christians, muslims, jews, and to some degree hindus) and where decidabilty and mindfulness are supplied by literature, history, science, and law, instead of FIctionalisms, Frauds, pseudoscience, magic, and arbitrary commands.

But it is indeed understandable why people want monopolies in thought just as they want monopolies in government, just as they want monopolies themselves.

But civilization evolved not by providing monopolies that are comforting but markets that are agitating.

Environment > group strategy > norms/traditions/myths/festivals > (+ agrarianism = scale) > Increases in trade > demand for increasingly universal norms/traditions/ myths, /festivals > Polyculturism (polytheism) OR Monoculturaism (monotheism) > (+ development of reason, empiricism, science, empirical law) = Secularism

From childhood to adulthood.