My position is very simple, always and everywhere: (a) no more falsehoods, (b) the great civilizations of the ancient world were destroyed by these falsehoods. (c) this same method of creating falsehoods has been recreated in the modern world as marxism-socialism-postmodernism-feminism-freudianism – boazianism; and the very same technique of lies, propaganda, begging tolerance while being flooded with insurgents and opponents has been used today. So fool me once, shame on you (abrahamists), and fool me twice, shame on me.

All groups may need certain social goods, and we may classify those social goods as religion – while I would classify them as education, oath, ritual, feast, and festival. This is just training that includes mindfulness, manners, ethics, morals, traditions, group strategy, histories (rules of cooperation). whereas we have separated civic training (religious training) from occupational training (the use of the grammars of the universe), that is completely unnecessary.

The two changed because the church failed to reform (repeatedly) and the secular (education) developed as a competitor to the church (education),.

There is no reason education – particularly mindfulness (spirituality) – need be constructed of lies – which is evident from the civilizations who were never destroyed by monotheism.