Sorry, but while it’s true, the argument was overplayed such that even the red cross disagrees with anywhere the supposed numbers. The gas appears to have been a fraud. Jews (and muslims) had beed deported en mass from Europe many times (and sometimes killed otherwise) – and despite revisionist history, not for entirely unjust reasons.

And it increasingly appears that Germans did nothing more complex or insidious than fighting world communism by repeating past deportations, using the methods developed for relocations by the Bolsheviks in Russia, while fighting a war on two fronts and running out of money for funding relocation camps – and as a consequence, putting victims to work as slave labor, then starving them to death.

Not that that it is forgivable, and that we shouldn’t prevent it from ever happening again, but it wasn’t novel, and it pales in comparison to the crimes of the communists and socialists.

History hates propaganda. People act according to rational incentives. In the end those incentives comes out. And the consensus of any century easily inverted in the next, when the passions once driving the narrative are lost, and the dispassionate find wisdom in the investigation of past deceptions, frauds, and excuses.

The globalist century is over. It was a failure whether communist or capitalist. And now that technology has equilibrated through the use of markets we return to a balance of powers, nation states, and markets – as in almost all of history.

Fascism won. Nationalist State Capitalism in the Russia and Chinese model has been in deterministic process since 1992, when the Russians and the Chinese finally gave up on socialism, leaving a trail of destruction through the developing world.

Propaganda has a half life. And it’s about the length of a human life. Like the winds of time, Historians do their job as clerks of intertemporal facts. The chaff is gradually removed, leaving the kernel of truth: war is a horrible thing and humans are horrible superpredators, and the fact that we get along at all is a miracle of our institutions.