As I’ve argued in my “Ancestral Lands” video, Lands belongs to those who improve it (invest in it), not those who merely make use of it – that’s true of all property. Possession is just possession. Property is the result of transformation (investment).

Typically (historically) monuments and physical infrastructure determine ownership (property).

It’s not clear why Boer conquest of SA territory is different from Bantu conquest of Khoi and San territory – except that the investment has been profoundly more effective – there wasn’t any before the Boers. None.

It’s not clear that the slaughter of south african whites is anything more than a repetition of the past slaughter of african tribes by one another.

My prescription is that if there is evidence of fighting, the separation is the only solution.

I would prefer africa for africans and europe for europeans at least until we are at demographic, social and economic parity. But some people want globalization where none of us is safe from competitors.

There is a minimum difference in distribution of ability, knowledge and custom that is necessary for peaceful cooperation. Beyond that, then one group must oppress or kill the other.

And that is the worst of all possible solutions.