We are going to destroy them you know:

1) Reinforce Trademarks, Eliminate Copyrights and Drastically limit patents.
2) Outlaw lying in the commons by involuntary liability and warranty of words.
3) De-financialize the credit system and eliminate consumer interest on consumer capital assets (residences and appliances and autos).
4) Eliminate the transportability (escape) of debt instruments while institutionalize the rights to income from it.
5) Reform shareholder laws to prevent hostile takeovers, and to equalize risk and exit.
6) Restructure taxation rates to reflect risk. Eliminate double taxation of dividends.

This will have the effect of destroying nearly all manipulation of the population and all rent seeking.

This will be the greatest competitive advantage since the invention of fiat credit.

It means that there are no rents that allow you to escape the market – anywhere. Even at scale.

Taxes for entrepreneurs, particularly small and medium businesses will nearly disappear.

Huge reallocation of intellectual capital.

Huge reduction in propaganda.

Huge temporary expansion of courts and litigation until enough law accumulates on the books.