“Pagans(scandinavians)”, Protestants(northern europeans), catholics (central, southern, and eastern europeans), and orthodox(eastern europeans) have different traditional (ancestral) cohesions to draw upon.

We cannot intuit across traditions without living them and trying hard to adopt each.

I am working to eliminate all falsehood. My bias is to eliminate falsehood. The way I learn to eliminate falsehood is by deflation: I attack all falsehoods without exception until i understand the problem such that only the underlying truths remain.

I never make excuses for convenient falsehoods. I understand that goods come from falsehoods, but that betters come from truths. I try to discover those truths and construct the ‘goods and betters’ without the falsehoods. Some people can tolerate this degree of dispassionate slaughtering sacred cows, and some cant.

Orthodox peoples have not had scandinavian, germanic, or catholic histories – although the history they do have is closest to the germanic(martial), and culturally closer to the catholic(lower trust) than to the scandinavian (including english), and german (highest trust).

Commensurability and compatibility exists across truths but not across falsehoods.

So while I can understand you, with some effort, you cannot understand me without much more effort.