So yeah, as the day of revolution draws nearer, and the hate for my people has increased, and the threat to my people has increased, the genocide against my people has been openly promoted, I’ve gone “Full Fash” so to speak – just that it’s Natural Law Fascism. And in my understanding it’s prosecutorial, zero-tolerance, militaristic, expansionist, Natural Law Fascism – White sharia all the way.

Why? (a) Cooperation is only valuable until non-cooperation is preferable, and non-cooperation is only valuable until conflict is more valuable – and conflict is at present more valuable.
(b) Ethnocentrism is the optimum group evolutionary strategy.
(c) Ethnocentrism under Natural Law is the optimum economic and technical strategy, and;
(d) Natural Law Fascism is the optimum political strategy, and;
(e) Ethnocentric Natural Law Fascism cannot be practiced by any of our competitors due to genetic distribution and rates of neoteny.
(f) And lastly, we have, over the past 3500 years or more, dragged mankind out of superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, child mortality, early death, tyranny, and the vicissitudes of nature – kicking and screaming against their genetic, cultural, and personal wills.

We are not heroes to our debtors. We are gods in the making. Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, Markets in Everything, and Continuous Transcendence into the Gods we imagine.

I will not betray my forefathers, my people, and all those of my people who might yet come to be, nor the future of mankind, the Gods we might be, and the universe’s need for our gardening of it, because weak men and women fear the sound of our marching feet, our works, our voices, and the truth of our words.