by Paul Franklin

—“In every case I can think of, there is no difference between a liar and a coward (in the meaning of liars we use).

In other words, you can judge for one or the other: veracity or cowardice, they are both the same.

Basically that’s it. No need for any complicated tomes.

I have spent many years, defending myself from cowards, in every place in society, who always unite in their cowardice – with lies being a form of currency over which they might unite.

And all too often, it is nearly always some coward – a yellow-backed worm (and I don’t care if he showed bravery elsewhere) – putting some woman up to do his dirty work for him.

And I never met a woman who wasn’t up to it. Some women have had the balls themselves to initiate their own attacks. And I know not one single woman who is not utterly shameless when push comes to shove.

And you can call that cowardice too.”—Paul Franklin