All existence is a consequence of randomness generated at the moment of recreation, and the very small number of laws that arise from whatever the universe is actually made of in…

–“The issue with the “monkeys on typewriters” is that we know that Shakespeare’s works were created and not random. So what this whole thing tells me is that people like you are not actually equiped to understand reality or that your metaphysics are incredibly poor (they are).”—

—“There isn’t even an attempt to grapple with Aristotle in his comment. Strange.”—-

—“Modern atheists love to prattle on about Aristotle but love to forget that his main work was on METAPHYSICS and that he basically came up with monotheism. They also hold a bunch of pre-socratic beliefs without realizing.”—

Anything you cannot testify to is indistinguishable from a lie. Aristotle could not understand the concept of self organizing forces,and so proposed a ‘first mover’.Aristotle was primitive by modern comparisons. He did not propose ‘monotheism’ as much as fail to solve the problem.

—How would self-organizing forces apply to things like physics? Would the principle of self-organization inevitably exclude a first mover? Hispano if you are correct I don’t think that would negate the intelligence of Curts proposal, I haven’t heard many exploring these issues.—-

—-“Curt is a very smart guy with smart things to say on many subjects. He’s just really bad at metaphysics.”—

You haven’t demonstrated an argument only gossip. My argument stands and always will. But that is ok. You are not fully human, and perhaps cannot be. It takes agency, and agency takes courage. The sterility of the universe is hostile to life and we are but an accident.

—“And you respond with this, a classic Doolittle ad hominem, poorly imitating Taleb’s style, not realizing you don’t have his rank. This is why you and whatever ideas that aren’t just regurgitations of someone else’s will never move beyond Twitter and Facebook ramblings.”—-

Falsify my argument or give up. The universe is self organizing because that’s all it can be, and that’s all it need be. Don’t make excuses by trying to frame the argument as Aristotelian (justificationary) rather than scientific. You’re a clown. Make an argument or crawl away.

—“Self-organization has nothing to do (is not an answer) to its origin. It also falls into the regressus problem. Engage with your metaphysical problems. Don’t make excuses by trying to frame the argument as “empiric” or “scientific”. Understand the category of the problem 1st.”—