If you took all the falsehood out of christianity then what would remain?

– The mass (A lesson, an oath, a feast), festivals.
– The extirpation of hatred from the human heart.
– The exhaustion of interpersonal forgiveness as the optimum group cooperative strategy.
– The demand for personal acts of charity.

If you replace life after death with living a good life, persistence through actions, genetic persistence, and human transcendence of our descendents into the gods we imagine.

If you replace lessons against the aristocracy in favor of diasporic pastoralists, and instead restored our original mythology os the trials of homer.

If you restored the festivals with those of heroes, ancestors and the seasons (nature).

If you add ethnocentrism (the optimum group strategy), government by rule of law and markets in everything (the optimum competitive strategy), and stoicism (the optimum mindfulness strategy).

Then you have a religion free of lies.

Church is a good thing.
What one does there produces mindfulness.
What one learns there can be truth or lie.