1) To develop mental fitness and distance from our impulses (to develop agency)
2) To accumulate an inventory of human errors and bias so that we do not make them in our own lives, and are not affected by others who employ them.
3) To survey the sets of myths and paradigms (stories we tell ourselves) such that we can choose goals in our lives.
4) (the bad part) to find a verbal means of achieving some degree of the mindfulness that is trainable through religion(mythology), ritual (prayer or repetitious action), and self authoring (stoicism – a ritual), and meditation (a ritual in and of itself). Mindfuless serves as a sedative for animal impulse, without the soporific affect of chemicals
that interfere with processing in general..

As far as I know that is the end of philosophy. The rest is just left to religion(nonsense/lies) or science (decidability/truth).

Nearly all of the corpus of philosophy is reducible to fantasy moral literature (french), or fantasy psychological Literature (german), fantasy pseudoscientific literature (ashkenazi), or the attempt to develop scientific versions of those fields (english, American.)

The problem with science, law proper, and truth proper is that in matters of the personal and social we are not ambivalent neutral surveyors of the material – but seek only personal and group advantage in whatever we can filter from it to advance our interests.

Yet science and truth are uncomfortable and dehumanizing.

So to no small degree, philosophy is PRACTICED as the pseudoscience and pseudo-rationalism of finding excuses that comfort us given our genetic, social, economic, cultural, and temporal conditions without relying on the demands easily falsified and supernatural faith.

In other words, like religion, it’s therapeutic self medication – sedation.